A new season introduces a new Club Website. The newest  digs on the web will allow us to give Unions Supporters quick updates on team happenings.

scoop many

The site is currently under construction and Head webmaster and Unions player John “Knapsack” Mena promises this to the Best Unions site yet!

“I think this may eventually become the best Vintage Base Ball website ever.” Knapsack boldly predicts. “In the past one of the most painstaking part of running a site was to do updates. I will be working with fellow Union players Gorilla, Scoops and Slug who will help to speed up the process. We are using  ”Wordpress” which will make posting updates quickly, a snap.”

Knapsack continued that  this site will be well organized. “WordPress” makes it easy to archive stories and to post upcoming matches and results.  I’m very excited to see what this site can become.  I particularly love the ‘Search’ engine at the top. Just type in any name or word and stories appear that contain it.  A players friends can find where ever they are mentioned quite easy on the site.”

The Unions have invested time and money into the project and thus far the creators are happy with what they have.  ”If you click on the date of a match, on the schedule page, it will bring up a map to the event. If you press the date on the scores page it will bring up a game summery. We will be working all season long to keep improving the site and filling it with player profiles, stories, pictures, and video. We have placed our Facebook feed on the front page and started a Tweeter feed so our supporters can get on the spot information of results and rain outs.”

The Unions 10th Season looks to be an exciting ride. We hope you will bookmark us and follow your Unions in 2013!