(3/16/2013 Bellville, IL)  The Saint Louis Unions opened the 2013 Vintage Base Ball season by braving the brisk weather to join their comrades at the Goodwill Match at the Stags home filed in Bellville, Illinois.

An impressive turn out of around 40 ballist took the field in the annual kick off match. While early morning concerns of cold, damp weather keep some less dedicated members away, the player on the field were warmed by the friendship and light hearted play of the day, not to mention a bottle of libation kept close to the home dish.

The Unions were well represented as Rx, Beans, Part-time, Scoops and Slug took the field amidst the three teams that divided the players from six area clubs. The Unions feeder club, The Cicada, was also represented by rookie Chad Laramore.

There were a few damp spots in the field, but that did not stop some impressive plays being made by the scouts.  And as each team placed the entire line up of up to thirteen ballist in the field, well placed hits were the key to getting on base.

After a couple of hours of base ball were in the books, all attendees headed over to the Moose Lodge to share in an impressive spread of food and drink.  It was easy to tell from the conversations and laughter that the opening of the new season was overdue and welcome.