MARCH 15, 2014- (BELLEVILLE, IL)- A baseball game with 30+ ballists from eight different clubs on one field?….you must be joking….well, no we aren’t!….the 2014 season has officially been kicked off with the annual beginning-of-season Goodwill Game, hosted by the Belleville (IL) Stags at Moose Meadow in Swansea, IL this afternoon.

It is the one game each year where all the Eastern Missouri and Central/Southern Illinois clubs get reacquainted with one another as well as the playing field in this exhibition that displays good camaraderie, sportsmanship, and last but not least, good eats!

There were a full lineup of Unions in attendance today, 10 to be exact: Jon, ‘Badger’ Beidelshies, Dave ‘Beans’ Heim, Jeremy ‘Zippy’ Hunter, Bryce ‘Speedy’ LaBarge, Tony ‘Huck’ LaBarge, Matt ‘Scoops’ Lurk, Jay ‘Rx’ Martin, Matt ‘Mayhem’ Moushey, Roger ‘Yankee’ Neff, and Dathan ‘Cannibal’ Tinney….next Saturday (5/22) is the official season opener for the JB Nine, as they take on the Lafayette Square Cyclone at Lurk Field in Jefferson Barracks Park….game time for the doubleheader is 1pm….hip hip huzzah!