Matt ‘Mayhem’ Moushey

NameMatt ‘Mayhem’ Moushey
Season2013 Season
Position1st baseman
JoinedMarch 21, 2002
Hometown St.Louis Mo



Birthplace: St.Louis, MO

Bats: Left   Throws:Left

High School: S.L.U.H.

Fun Facts:

I lost about 25% of my left foot at 5 years old when my grandfather reversed his riding mower onto my prone body after I sprained my ankle.

I witnessed Pete Rose’s last game in a major league uniform at Wrigley Field in 1989.

I was a two time Ronald Reagan Physical Fitness Award winner in grade school.

In college, I became highly intoxicated, spray painted my name all over the basement of a fraternity house whose party I was attending, and lived to tell about it.

Can recite the entire alphabet forwards and then backwards in under thirty seconds.

Was a 1987 Midwest Regional Finalist in the Scripp’s National Spelling Bee.

Has never watched an episode of “Breaking Bad” or “The Wire.”
Once played three consecutive rounds of golf without recording a bogey.
Had a fairly serious crush on Candice Bergen from 1989-1992


Mayhem dives to make a tag out.

Mayhem dives to make a tag out.