Matt ‘Scoops’ Lurk

NameMatt ‘Scoops’ Lurk
Season2013 Season
PositionShort Stop
JoinedApril 14, 2006
Hometown St.Louis Mo


ScoopsscoopsBirthplace:  St.Louis MO

Bats: Right   Throws:Right

High School: Horten Watkins

Fun Facts: Lou Brock drove me home from baseball practice when I was a kid. The whole ride home I questioned him about Carl Yastrzemski.

I’m a former alter Boy.

To nervous to watch hometown teams play on TV.

I’m color blind.

I’m a Civil War buff.

Served Charlton Heston and Sammy Davis as a waiter.

Have an extensive collection of baseball caps.


Scoops wearing the Unions early uniform.

Scoops wearing the Unions early uniform.